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“god wears durags, too,” my book of @twitter affirmations, is now available for preorder. [https://products.bottlecap.press/products/gwdt ]pic.twitter.com/ ...
New Twitter customer support features
... sleeping with roses tour part ii goes on sale friday at 10am local time. presale begins today. can't wait to see u guys xpic.twitter .com/KfbVRl4i3m
It's all chronological and there are barely any "x and y liked" tweets.… https://t.co/4qcQCkEAd8"
Better hurry because the shop closes December 28!!! #R19HTNOW #PEWAV http://bit.ly/2PiYJBH pic.twitter.com/OjhGnZz3Lj
Danny Penman
U of T Music
U of T MD Program
ITS at UofT
... security experience, apply now to gain the big advantage: http://www.t-hub.co/merck_hack2hire #THub #Hack2Hire @merckgrouppic.twitter.com/BASeVhJK7r
Elon Musk on Twitter: "Difficult, but necessary Tesla reorg underway. My email to the company has already leaked to media.
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7:00 PM - 1 Jan 2018
Twitter has added a warning in its mobile apps recommending users change their passwords
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U of T Libraries
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... to get real about the subject: http://www.newcollege.utoronto.ca/student-blog/body-fat-and-what-about-it/ … #BodyPositivitypic.twitter.com/VP0hxSZkLa
To make sure you don't miss a thing, please follow us on our Datto Twitter page. https://bit.ly/2OrYG74 pic.twitter.com/IgHCEZSgAU
... arrangements to find out more and don't forget your brown bin won't be collected between 25 December & 7 Jan at the earliest.pic.twitter .com/5Pk0Zq0lN3
... to THE ONLY THING TO FEAR! https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/live-in-infamy-caroline-tung-richmond/1126901051?ean=9781338111095 …pic.twitter.com/7a70loRpl7
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Instagram comment sections are not goodpic.twitter.com/6MhtSp0lBd
The U of T TA Excellence Awards are now open. You can nominate your TA here: https://tatp.utoronto.ca/awards/ta-awards/ …
But apparently other kids don't think he's so cool. They laugh at him and mimic his accent. You don't want to be Chinese anymore.pic.twitter .com/6vW9DXZK6x
I didn't have presence of mind to say anything so 3 days later I made this. I don't think the guy's is on Twitter, this is my therapy.pic.twitter.com/ ...
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... @kim_davies12 @Christina_Davy @TylerFlockhart @EgmDudu @adamthomasford @LiberEroFellows #conservation #MovementEcology #policypic.twitter .com/f8403qeRXW
... this slide (wrt patch hygiene) and had to stop half-way through and ask myself - aren't we all just making this worse?pic.twitter.com/fCTAYDc3Pn
Kathy, Hilary, Robbie, Mac and I are incredibly grateful for your support every step of the way. - BHpic.twitter.com/OJI4LDEYUC
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T-Mobile Careers
2018 Business Book Awards Longlist: Management & Workplace Culture (Full list: http://bit.ly/2OuWb36 )pic.twitter.com/DR2tV5rByR
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U of T Spine Program
T Brand Studio
U of T Varsity Blues
Paris je t'aime
University of Toronto, U of T Mississauga, University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) and 6 others
... doing wasn't real." http://www.thewrap.com/last-tango-paris-rape-butter-marlon-brando-maria-schneider-bernardo-bertolucci/ …pic.twitter.com/HhZCJWu8RB
U of T Music Library
T in the Park
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"Don't be that asshole who steals tweets'. http://krazyblog.net/2015/02/why-its-not-cool-to-copy-tweets/ …pic.twitter .com/uq1qi73GCr
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You Can't Handle the Truth--at Least on Twitter
OA for 3 mos https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/39105 & project site https://dsl.richmond.edu/aqdh/ pic.twitter.com/QK2vFIyPd7
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The first wave of Twitter lockouts came months ago, barring the site's early teenage users whose self-declared date of birth suggested that they were under ...
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After 9 months of #Salisbury investigation British authorities haven't presented any evidence to Russia or transparent and verifiable results of the ...
Learn more and register at https://buff.ly/2CEVTEI pic.twitter .com/k7yLw6tKpS
Get all the details here: http://friendsofbethany.com/giving-tuesday pic. twitter.com/FqVg7AqtpC
See you there and don't forget to bring me some good questions. http://festivalofdisruption.com pic.twitter.com/x7BVT1deop
For those of you fast enough, here's a couple of free codes: P7N8637BBG SCUQKP3H9T Go to http://upgradeyourwardrobe.com now! Don't forget there are enamel ...
Enter your password to confirm you'd like to deactivate your account.
We will be livestreaming the ceremony from the the City of San Marcos Facebook page. http://ow.ly/BOV350jWLwa pic.twitter.com/sGcc7dYBfQ
Birds Aren't Real
Have questions about our Q2 2018 earnings results? Tweet them now using $TMUS and watch to see if our leaders answer you live at ...
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Above: An error message shown when adding the 🧿 Nazar Amulet emoji to a Twitter name.
The Fox News host's Twitter ...
... you won't find anywhere else. Everything is 15% off, through Dec. 16 - http://found.ee/ElvisCostello_LookNowStore …pic.twitter.com/YM8RYke43C
We are presenting @AACR Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy: MS Based HLA Peptide Discovery Tumor Neoantigens and Biotherapeutic T Cell Epitopes.
... carbon footprint for decades, but the message hasn't sunk in, particularly with us Brits, who fly more than any other nation …pic.twitter .com/R05fEoYG8O
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Don't forget your R-card Good luck on your final papers and exams, Tars!pic. twitter.com/jB04Z6RGqM
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T❍mmy L33
... to transform into whatever it is you want to be and I'm excited to see you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! http://Shauntfitness.com/book pic.twitter .com/sywzS4mWXW
Register to find out if AI could be the solution for hyper-personalized claims experience at scale: https://bit.ly/2DXtomY pic.twitter .com/y46ak0qn4u
... and show them just how defiantly amazing and amazingly defiant women have always been! http://HistoryvsWomen.com pic.twitter.com/oCzkZoMxAz
First Amendment lawsuit says President Trump can't block Twitter followers he doesn't like
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... own Twitter account: “Joel, you are just a kid, but why didn't you tell docs knees hurt before Houston? You costed yrself (&us) 9+ games and play-offs.”
#dieselhatecouture @DIESELpic.twitter.com/tLgZTPJVXF
The original Twitter app for iPhone was based on Loren Brichter's classic Tweetie 2. That's gone now and in its place is something that changes and evolves ...
Andy Lang on Twitter: "Needless to say, I don't think it's good news. https://t.co/LuGppvSycJ"