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7up39s Uncola Man Blasts From the Past t Childhood
7up's Uncola Man
Burger King - Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us
It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature - Chiffon Margarine commercial. Some things don't change - it's still not nice to fool her
My Dad and I used to act out this commercial all the time!
Whipple Please.don't squeeze the Charmin. I met the Charmin man in the while working at a restaurant along the central coast of California.
Veteran actor Jessie White was the Maytag Repair Man in 1971. He started appearing as
yes! cool commercial Imperial Margarine
One seriously scary dude from my childhood. Robble robble. This might seem stupid but this guy was f*cked up in a truly obsessive, villainous way.
1977 Almond Joy and Mounds commercial. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't!
1953 Seven Up ad
It's not nice to fool Mother Nature - Chiffon Margarine commercial
Freddie Prinze, Chico and the Man..."It's not my yob man".
Dr. Pepper Commercial - I'M A PEPPER - David Naughton. Loved all of these old jingles.. a girl I went to elementary school with, her father wrote this one ...
1970's Post Raisin Bran Commercial with Mason Reese
Six Million Dollar Man doll - My brother had one of these and I'd use him as a date for my Barbie because I didn't have a Ken doll!
WJIM - Lansing, MI - sometime in the 60's - Alley Cat (Dennis Wayne, doubled as the weather man) and Mr. Mayor (the evening anchorman) in Lansing, Michigan
Calvin Lockhart, was in Let's Do It Again with Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby, born in the Bahamas, lived there until he was 18, then he moved to New York ...
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Remember those good old days? When rock-and-roll ruled the charts? When rotary phones were a fixture in every home? Throwback is not just a hashtag but a ...
"Folgers Coffee Commercial"...Mrs. Olson. "
Toy Biz Spiderman model kit. Built and painted. Vintage Toys, Spiderman, Childhood
HR Pufnstuf Kids Shows, Old Tv Shows, Growing Up, Tvs, Childhood Memories
Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi in "The Lost Saucer" Old Tv Shows, Kids
Band Aid 1984 - Do They Know It's Christmas? | Blasts From the Past | Pinterest | Band aid 1984, Childhood and Music
Wag-n-bag man
Enjoli - Classic 80's Commercial- " I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan" Loved this commercial, could never get that song out of my head.
Deodorant ads from 1974
Chubby Checker
Granny Goose Potato Chips Old Commercials, Potato Chips, The Good Old Days, Corvettes
better frosting than the chemical chocolate in a tub. They don't make this
T-shirts, stickers, this guy was everywhere in the 70's
Dennis the Menace. "
an ad selling soap- little white kid says to little black kid "why doesn't your mamma wash you with fairy soap? If this ad was intended to make me feel ...
Carmen de Lavallade
Mabuhay Magazine, September 2012 by Eastgate Publishing Corporation - issuu
I had the Coke version of this. I still have one of the little Coke glasses that came with it.
Vintage 1970's Clue Game Cards & Clues List by ValinthePaperValley 1970s Childhood, Childhood Toys
70's Bounty Paper Towels Commercial with Rosie
Moxie Soda Advertising Hand Fan
Disappearance of childhood essay Critical Evaluation, Postman - Postman's thesis on the 'disappearance' of childhood.
Uncola: The Isreali company has experienced this before, when a UK ad was banned
Dom DeLuise freezer bag commercials Freezer, Vintage Stuff, Vintage Ads, Retro Ads,
Gentlemen prefer Hanes. Yeah, he leaves the lady with the pants, and she's better off for it. He's no gentleman! | Worth a chuckle or a snort | Ads, ...
My Childhood Memories, 1980s Childhood, Old Ads, Weird Vintage Ads, Retro Ads
The smell of this reminds me of old men - yuck
1960s Rat Fink's | Rat Fink.....had a BUNCH of these from the coin machines !!!
1982 7 Up "Never Had It, Never Will" Commercial
Movie Premiere Wink Martindale & Hedda Hopper At Grauman's Chinese Theater Hedda Hopper, Old
(old coffee commercial)
Big John's Beans 'N Fixins These were my ABSOLUTE favorite! They don't make them as good as this any more!!!
advertisements in 1950 | vintage everyday: 7up Ads from the 1950s
7-ounce 7 Up bottle
Knight Rider 1980s Tv, 1990s, Knight, 80s Tv Series, Old Tv Shows
Mickey Mouse (McDonald's) "100 Years Of Magic" Glass - kiss me,
Check out this advertisement by Miller Lite. The goal of the "Great Taste, Less Filling" campaign was getting "real men" to drink light beer.
1961 VASELINE Hair Tonic ad ~ Keep a Head of The Game! Vaseline Hair Tonic
Kickapoo Joy Juice History | Visit flickr.com Li'l Abner, Vintage Advertisements
Aleister Crowley, Moon Child, Pagan, Wicca, Books To Read, My Books, Weird Stories, Season Of The Witch, Magick
Back In The Day, My Childhood Memories, 90s Childhood, Summer Memories, Sweet
Pepsi Commercial 1970's - I remember the "Pepsi Generation" ads and slogan :)
Long hair...had it then...in 9th grade someone told me I could be a " Long & Silky" girl
But don't worry about figuring this crazy card catalog out. Because in the future, you'll have The Google."
Mark Spitz won seven gold medals at the 1972 Munich games. The man was the most decorated Olympic athlete until that Phelps guy stole his thunder.
Museum of American Packaging. Classic package design.
"No More Tears" 1955 Johnson's Baby Shampoo Ad Old Advertisements, Advertising, Old
When they were all called charge a plates or something like that. | Back in the day..... | Pinterest | Memories, Childhood me…
Vintage Magazine ad for LAVA Hand Soap ca 1940s Advertising Ads, Vintage Advertisements, Vintage
Vintage Fresca Soda Bottle | Vintage | Pinterest | Soda bottles, Vintage and Bottle
Consuming Habits: Global and Historical Perspectives on How Cultures Define Drugs, with Jordan Goodman and Andrew Sherratt | Paul Lovejoy - Academia.edu
Wish I had some, can't wait." This was the commercial song I learned when I was a kid.
Vintage 70's Mcdonalds Commercial Jingle w/ Anson Williams
7up '40s old print ad family riding 7-Up bottle in cloud vintage soft drink advertisement 1948 #advertising
Cool off with Popsicle !! "Always Look For the Sign of the Real thing
K-Tel Records - they managed to get like 100 songs on one album where as everyone else was only getting ten.
7up Happy Home Makes Happy Child (1945) Retro Advertising, Vintage Advertisements, Vintage
Sears Christmas Catalog 1975. I remember these toy stockings. Christmas Catalogs, Old Toys
Retro Ads, Vintage Advertisements, Retro Advertising, Weird Vintage Ads, Vintage Humor,
Those Were The Days, The Good Old Days
ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JUNK FOOD AND FAST FOOD | Angelica Berleze - Academia.edu
Hershey commercial from early 1970's ."There's nothing like the face of a kid eating a Hershey Bar".
Shell's No-Pest Strips... EEWWWW I can remember these and it was never a good thing when you saw one :)
Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor | Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Early 1990s!
"Old school" Right Guard deodorant ad from the late 60s-early 70s!
rabbit ears to get better reception ~ we use a coat hanger.. LOL
Vintage BETTY CROCKER Recipe Box. I still have mine. We had one in orange... my Mom gave it to me when I moved out... don't know what ever happened to it!
Mid 1970s - Rugby Shirts. HUGE Trend (1975 - 1977). Matched up well with Jeans or Painter Pants
Magnolia Bottles Remembering The Past visit pickerjunk.net for more. :) #vintage
Tide Detergent Ad with Ozzie and Harriet
RC Cola, my dad loved this with his Crane potato chips! :)
Boniface Matthew Maliango
7up "The UNcola" upside-down glass from the 1970s. I had one
Childhood memory.
How common were Maoist groups in 1970s Britain?